The Eiffel Tower

PARIS, FRANCE — Everyone has seen the Eiffel Tower… whether it be on a postcard, the television, in real life, close up, or from afar. It is one of the most visited monuments in the world! To celebrate its 125th anniversary, the Tower has had quite a makeover — a newly-redesigned and renovated first floor.
If you have never been to see it or have never visited the first floor, here are 4 good reasons to (re)discover the Eiffel Tower and its new attractions. A great line-up of things to discover, excitement, relaxation and a delicious gourmet break.  To discover the Eiffel Tower and its 1st floor, book on line at

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Reason #1 — Because you have never stopped off there…
Like a great many of the 7 million people who visit the Eiffel Tower every year, you go straight up to the top to get an incredible panoramic view of Paris. So now is the time to go back and discover the newly-designed 1st floor. With two pavilions entirely rebuilt, a new glass floor, a modernized visitors itinerary with information panels, films … the Tower has had a refit involving two years of work. Also of note, all these areas are now accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Tour Eiffel - 1er étage, vue extérieur | 630x405 | © Michel Denance - OTCP

Reason #2 — For thrills all round…
The biggest innovation is the spectacular glass flooring that has replaced the old floor and which offers a bird’s eye view of Paris. Fifty seven meters above the ground, you have the impression that you are walking in a void. A new not-to-be-missed attraction that may set your head spinning!

Tour Eiffel - Sol vitré 1er étage | 630x405 | © Michel Denance - OTCP

Reason #3 — For a fun and educational pause…
Visited less frequently than other floors, the 1st floor is the ideal place for a break away from the crowds of visitors. And to find out all about the Eiffel Tower, the cultural itinerary devoted to Gustave Eiffel and the monument will provide you with lots of information. Since it was built in 1889 for the World Fair in Paris, the Eiffel Tower has accumulated some startling facts: did you know, for example, that in 1948, the oldest elephant at the Bouglione circus was taken up to the 1st floor via the steps? To find out more, go to the 1st floor!

58 Tour Eiffel - Salle 1

Reason #4 — For lunch with a breathtaking view of Paris…
At lunchtime, treat yourself to a classy lunch break at the 58 Tour Eiffel. The restaurant menu features a light lunch served in attractive boxes, picnic-style. €40.50 for a 3-course meal and drink (children’s menu at €19). Having lunch here has an added bonus: the panoramic view.

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