Stop Killing Badgers

The badger is a protected species in the UK and Europe, but a new law recently proposed in England may allow farmers to shoot badgers wherever

Stop Killing Badgers
Stop Killing Badgers

they feel their cattle are threatened by badger-carried tuberculosis. Despite no scientific evidence that indiscriminate badger killing is the best way to combat bovine TB, Parliament seems intent on legalizing the slaughter.

Killing a natural species in the name of agricultural profit is bad enough, but even science is on the badgers’ side. A recent study shows that randomized badger culling does not decrease the frequency of bovine tuberculosis; in fact, in some cases, slaughtering badgers actually increased cattle TB infections by 20%.

Leaders of the United Kingdom must not put greed and shoddy science over the well-being of a protected species. Save badgers from this inhumane practice today!

By daryl

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