Dodgers Stow Beating

Three suspects were arrested, Sanchez, Norwood, and Dorene Sanchez. Dorene Sanchez was the one who drove the other two suspects away from the stadium. Prosecutors now say that Dorene Sanchez will not be criminally charged for anything. Although, Dorene did provide some key testimony before a grand jury, police detectives have not been able to put her at the scene and prove that she knew about the beating or find a way to charge her crime.

The testimony that Dorene provided to the Grand Jury will be key in the prosecution of the two suspects. Louie Sanchez is actually her brother and Marvin Norwood is her boyfriend. The evidence, testimonies, and witnesses are adding up and pointing to a strong conviction for them.

Dodgers Stow Beating
Dodgers Stow Beating

The beating of Stow took place over 200 feet away from where Dorene was sitting in the parked car. Later, Norwood and Sanchez came running back to the vehicle and ordered her to drive away.

Furthermore, prosecutors say that they aren’t even basing their case on the witnesses at the crime. And it is reported that they have 20 witnesses. Sanchez has been correctly identified in a live lineup, but Norwood has not. They said that they have clear statements by the defendants that shows and admission of guilt.

The case is being held at the Los Angeles court house and currently there are no cameras allowed in the room for the hearing that was held on Wednesday. Only court artists.

Both suspects are being held in jail with $500,000 bail bonds. Both suspects had asked their lawyers to seek a lesser bail bonds amount, but so far, a judge had nullified that request. With bail set at $500,00, the suspects will either need, $500,000 in cash to bail out, or pay a bail bondsman $5,000 to put up the $500,000 bail bond. Other than some shady bail bonds company, it seems fairly clear that there aren’t very many people that want to be a part of the senseless crime the dirtied a great baseball franchise.

According to the court papers, Stow tried to escape an initial attack but was continuously pursued. Sanchez punched one of Stow’s friends and shoved Stow. Stow kept trying to walk away, but Sanchez caught up with him again. Sanchez punched one of Stow’s friends again and knocking him to the ground. Stow was now facing Norwood and Sanchez came up from behind and sucker punched Stow on the side of the head.

Norwood and Sanchez then continued to kick Stow in the head and was reported yelling, “who else wants to fight?”

Both suspects are in custody and continuing their hearing while Brian Stow is laying in a hospital bed trying to recover from the beating.

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