Navy Seal Boat
Navy Seal Boat
Snorkeling On A Navy Seal Boat

Wild Hawaii Ocean Adventures is a company out of Kona, Hawaii that offers snorkel trips that are second to none.  If you want an amazing ocean adventure like no other offered in Hawaii, come see them. Only they can offer you the comfort and speed of the Ocean Warrior–an 11-meter Navy assault vessel designed for the Navy S.E.A.L. Teams and Special Warfare Operations. With this amazing vessel they have a further range than the competition and can get you there fast and comfortably. And the captains are world-class freedivers and underwater photographers with over 20 years of ocean experience.

The Ocean Warrior served with Special Boat Team 12, and the Ocean Warrior was a true Navy S.E.A.L. assault vessel that has now found a home in Kona, Hawaii. With its twin 470 HP Caterpillar engines, its KAMEWA Rolls Royce jet drives, and a 450 Watt stereo system, you can experience the power, thrill, and adventure of a boat ride like no other.

This specific boat was designed to be extremely solid, fast, maneuverable and safe. Dubbed the Lamborghini of all the Navy SEAL boats it can quickly get you snorkeling in remote and secluded sites once visited by only few people. Maui for breakfast? No problem!  Ocean Warrior is the only boat of its kind in the US to be made available for commercial use. So bring your sense of adventure and let’s journey along with Wild Hawaii.  (For more information check out

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