Sharp Park Golf Course

PACIFICA, CA — Sharp Park Golf Course is an 18-Hole golf course located at the foot of Sharp Park Road off Interstate 280 in Pacifica, CA. The course, opened in 1931, was originally designed by famed architect Alister Mackenzie and landscaped by John McLaren.

The par 72 course is 6,299 yards long and offers fabulous views of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding areas. This is a walkable inland and seaside course lined with Cypress and Pine trees that wraps around Laguna Salada, a natural lake ringed with reeds, cattails and tulles. Living in the marsh are a variety of birds including mallards, coots and red-winged blackbirds. Tee time reservations can be obtained by calling the golf reservation system at 415-750-GOLF (415-750-4653).

Alternatively, to make an online tee reservation please visit  Please note that $1.00 per person will be added to the above rates if reservations are made by phone through the Automated Reservation System (415-750-GOLF) or through seven (7) days or less in advance.  Weekend rates are in effect from noon on Friday through Sunday.  Senior rate applies to individuals 65 years and older.

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