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SCDP Chair Slams Trump’s Broken Promises Ahead of Rally

Ahead of Donald Trump’s rally in North Charleston, South Carolina Democratic Party Chair Trav Robertson released the following statement:

“Donald Trump has spent three years working to undermine our health care, raise taxes, and cut the safety net programs that South Carolina families depend on. We deserve better than Trump’s broken promises and gross incompetence, especially when confronted with dangerous epidemics like the coronavirus. Not only did Trump remove health officials that would have led our response, but he also chose to allocate money for a border wall instead of funding critical global health organizations.

That’s why hundreds of thousands of South Carolinians will cast votes for Democratic leaders on Saturday, it’s why we’re going to send Lindsey Graham home in November, and it’s why we’re going to finally put an end to this disastrous, immoral, moronic presidency.”


Promise: “They’re going to cut [Social Security]. And I’m not going to cut it. I’m going to bring money in, and we’re going to save it, OK? Believe me.” [Trump Campaign Event, Bluffton SC, 2/17/16]

Reality: Trump’s budgets have proposed cutting billions of dollars from Social Security programs, and hundreds of billions from Medicare and Medicaid. Nearly 800,000 South Carolinians rely on their hard-earned Medicare benefits, and three out of every seven South Carolina children are covered through Medicaid.

Promise: “There are so many great things we can do on health care. So many great things. And it’ll cost you much less money, and it will be great. It will be great.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Hilton Head SC, 12/30/15]

Reality: If Trump and Republicans successfully overturn the Affordable Care Act, 242,000 South Carolinians could lose their health coverage. Before protections were enacted under the ACA, nearly two million South Carolinians with pre-existing conditions could have been denied coverage.

Promise: “My tax plan is ⁠— you saw it cutting it big for the middle class, big, big because the middle class has been forgotten in this country. Believe me, it’s been forgotten. I love the middle class.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Greenville SC, 2/15/16]

RealityTrump’s tax scam will hike taxes on more than 800,000 South Carolinians while handing a windfall to a few powerful special interests.

Promise: “We’re going to bring jobs back from China. We’re bringing jobs back from Japan. We’re bringing them back from Mexico.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Lexington, SC, 1/27/16]

Reality: Trump’s tax scam incentivizes corporations to ship even more jobs overseas.

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