Run The National Mall

On any given sunny day, and on a surprising number of cold ones, the National Mall is filled with runners. Students, yoga moms pushing strollers, old men, you name it. Everybody loves to run on the National Mall and here are a few reasons why.

According to Map My Run, a full loop around the National Mall is just under 4.3 miles. A solid distance for any runner, it’s also easy to cut short as the long, rectangular stretch of land is fairly easy to navigate.

The elevation of the run only varies about 36 feet in total, but the options for surface are as eclectic as you can get. The National Mall has concrete running paths, asphalt roads, and a long stretch of green grass lawn so unless you prefer track or astroturf, you’re good to go.

The National Mall is always filled with people wandering around taking photos and enjoying the sites. When you’re surrounded by so many eyes, it’s quite inspiring. You’re enjoying the same scene as everybody else, but you’re getting in shape while doing it.

Isn’t it just the most American place to have a jog? Walk a few blocks from the Capitol Hill Hotel to the Capitol Building and start the most patriotic workout you’ve ever had in your life with red, white, and blue in your veins and hot dog carts every 100 ft along the way.

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