David Ryu
LOS ANGELES, CA — Like so many Angelenos, David Ryu immigrated to the U.S. His mother moved from South Korea when he was 1, and he followed five years later. His mother moved the family here not just for a better life for David and his siblings, but also because she had to live in a place that valued equality, fairness, and the freedom to pursue ones dreams, no matter their position at birth.
Once in LA, David’s family settled in the neighborhoods just south of Los Feliz. The entire extended family of six lived in a small two-­‐bedroom apartment, and relied periodically on government assistance to make ends meet. David attended LAUSD schools through high school, then attended UCLA – so he knows the value that public schools provide and their unique role in building a stronger, prosperous society.
After graduating from UCLA, and attending Rutgers for a graduate program, David worked during and after for non-­‐profits doing citizenship/civics education, dispute resolution (following the LA riots), and coalition building work. It was from there that he was recruited to work for County Supervisor Yvonne Brathwaite Burke as a senior deputy working primarily on social service issues and later budget issues. In Supervisor Burke’s office, David learned the intricacies of policy and how to build coalitions; but most importantly, he saw first-­‐hand how government works and what good government could do for citizens.
After Burke retired, David returned to the non-­‐profit world, and now serves as Director of Development and Public Affairs at one of Los Angeles’s largest non-­‐profit health care providers: Kedren Acute Psychiatric Hospital and Community Health Center. Kedren is also the largest health, mental health, housing, jobs and homeless outreach provider in South Los Angeles that contracts with the County to provide services to citizens that live on the margins of society.
David is running because he believes in government, and in the good that government can do. He saw first hand how smart, strong and fair elected officials can make a difference and make government work. Elected office is truly a public service, and as part of that service, he wants to be the voice of the communities and neighborhoods that make up the 4th District. Los Angeles is a shining beacon for California and the nation, and the 4th District is its soul. For many of the newest residents, the 4th serves as both a starting point and realization of the American dream, and David intends to provide the service and representation that the 4th District deserves.

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