Nipples and Palm Trees Movie Review

Interesting, Extremely Suggestive and Sexually ‘Peeked ‘!

By Lorenzo Marchessi

Writer and lead actor in this film, Mathew James (NYPD Blue, Angel) , wrote an interesting tale of one of the most sexually frustrated people I have ever seen on screen before in this independent production. He plays a man called Jackson who is a very confused individual who seems to have extreme issues with the dating process, relationships and women in general – almost as many issues as the US economy currently has with the dollar bill!

Nipples and Palm Trees Movie Review
Nipples and Palm Trees Movie Review

Jackson keeps meeting confused and diversely strange woman like the ethereal flower-child Sandra (played by Sarah Kozer) or the intensely passionate and emotional Cali (played by Dallas Malloy – Jerry McQuire, Conan) who actually confounds Jackson and his desire to be with one woman. It takes him way past the point of ‘crazy’ and almost a self deprecating depression. His equally lost and confused best friend Phil (played Akihiro Kitamura – Heroes, Canoga Park) provides no guidance or advice that could reasonably help him at all. Jackson really believes he is looking for a stable committed relationship – but what ensues is a romp of sexy misadventures that gets him more and more confused, distraught and sometimes depressed.

There are some cleverly written scenes with dialogue about the current dating process in today’s society and in particular – a deep conversation with one of the persons invited to the same 4-way ‘romp’ in the bedroom that he was invited too (unannounced to him of course). Marv (played convincingly by Drevan Cooks – Sketchy) who eventually meets and confuses Jackson entirely because it’s Marv who doesn’t have any of the hang-ups or personal angsts about orgies like Jackson does. Causing Jackson to leave and rethink another line of strategy for finding the ‘right’ woman.

One of the strangest and funniest scenes is one – where just before the ‘attempted’ (and unannounced) orgy – there is another guest in this – now a 4-way – with a Latino (played creepily well by Will Morales – The Closer, Freedom Writers) who gives an impressive performance with very little words, but expresses his desires quiet clearly with his peering looks and overall actions. A definitely weird environment for Jackson to be in and a quick lesson in what he is exactly not looking for.

Filled will sexually and suggestive ‘R’ rated scenes, small amounts of nudity and plenty of adult ‘R’ rated dialogue – my only problem with the film is the excessive language – which I believe is supposed to represent how people actually talk – but is a little too much for me at some points.

Director Dylan Reynolds (Chain Link) for his second film – gives a sincere attempt to describe the insanity of modern day dating and meeting people from one person’s (the male’s) point of view. It starts out a little slow in the beginning but the pace and the intrigue of Jackson’s modern day angst and attempts in trying to building strong relationships with various women actually ends the film with a bang – an event – that never should have happened. Real and gritty with passion and sex – the reality of modern-day relationships can be seen clearly in this film.

This limited release independent movie is definitely not a family-type of film (definitely an ’’R” rating) – and you have to get passed the adult language, but if you do – the 2nd and 3rd act of the film make for a more than entertaining romp on screen and is a sexually charged drama by the end – even with it’s somewhat of a surprise ending.

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