Emergency Preparedness Department

Los Angeles, CA — The City of Los Angeles Emergency Preparedness Department launched a program to help qualified residents make their homes and living space more earthquake secure. The program is an important part of the “DARE TO PREPARE” campaign, www.daretocompare.org, with its message of secure your space. Councilmember Tom LaBonge of the 4th

Emergency Preparedness Department
Emergency Preparedness Department

District made the announcement on Friday April 6th at a news conference hosted at a constituent’s residence.

“We all must prepare for the inevitable,” said LaBonge, “This program will help those who are among the most vulnerable become prepared.” City of Los Angeles residents are encouraged to visit www.daretoprepare.org for more tips on securing their space at home, work, school, etc. The program benefits qualified seniors, low income or disabled persons throughout Los Angeles County.

Approximately 100 homes receive non-structural retrofitting such as the installation of cabinet latches, water heater and television straps, additional smoke detectors and automatic gas shut off valves. The program is the result of a grant from the American Red Cross and the Allstate Foundation as well as partnerships with community collaborators and the city of Los Angeles.

To learn more about this program that helps residents prepare for a major tremor contact Brandy Welch of American Red Cross of Greater Los Angeles at 310-445-2672. The mission of the Emergency Preparedness Department is to provide citywide emergency management program leadership, continuity, and the direction to enable the City of Los Angeles and its partners to respond to, recover from, and mitigate the impact of natural, man made, or technological disasters upon its people or property. IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBER: Non-emergency Police 877-ASK-LAPD (877-275-5273)

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