(NewsUSA) – When a friend is having a tough time or a loved one overcomes a challenge, it’s hard to know exactly what to say or how to provide encouragement.

In fact, 90 percent of consumers polled by Hallmark said they wanted more encouragement card choices to help them share support for real-life situations.

“People told us they needed cards for the ‘new normal’ in which we live,” said Cynthia Musick, editorial director for Journeys, a new Hallmark card collection. “They gave us permission to talk about these sometimes scary life moments that we all go through, from sharing grief to celebrating the joy of recovery.”

Hallmark’s “Journeys” is a collection of 176 greeting cards that help people through a difficult time, empathize with them, celebrate a success or simply brighten their day.

The cards feature warm, authentic, casual and sometimes humorous writing. Some cover specific events, like divorce, empty nest and adoption, while others incorporate the emotions of situations, making them appropriate for a variety of needs, like celebrating a personal victory or saying thanks.

The writers who developed Journeys considered four main themes for the line: coping, hoping, healing and joy. To make sure the sentiment of each card was true to life, they conducted research, attended focus groups, talked with people who had experienced certain situations and, in some instances, were able to draw upon their own personal experiences.  “When my father was diagnosed with cancer, my family tried hard not to let it change how we dealt with him,” explained Hallmark Journeys writer Linda Morris. “I wanted to convey in some of the Journeys cards that cancer doesn’t change who people are. They’re still the same people we love, laugh with, even get mad at.”

The creative team  also researched the psychology of color. They chose colors that evoke certain emotions, resulting in a bright, uplifting color palette not typical with traditional encouragement cards.  Journeys cards are available at Hallmark Gold Crown Stores.

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