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London Restaurant Launches Brunch Pizzas

LONDON, ENGLAND — Famed for flavour-filled pizzas with a twist, Mayfair Pizza Co. has previously gone all sweet with their Dessert Pizza, fiercely fiery with London’s Hottest Pizza, and brilliantly boozy with their Bloody Mary Pizzas. Now, they’re set to dominate the brunch scene with Brunch Pizzas.

All the beauty of breakfast, served up slice-by-slice all day long on a thin ‘n’ crispy pizza base – whether you delicately eat yours with a knife and fork, delve in by the slice or fold it all over and apply to face, all your favourite morning-time dishes will be popping up on posh pizzas. Available from 11.30am daily from 8th June until 31st July, take your pick from three limited edition brunch pizzas.
THE FULL ITALIAN (£12) — Built upon the standard Margherita, this posh pizza packs a real brunch, topped with classic brunch bites in each mouthful, including black pudding, pancetta, sliced Italian sausage, cherry tomatoes and baked beans. Whether accompanied by a Builder’s Brew or a gourmet Italian coffee, it’s not to be missed!

GRANOLA WOAHLA (£11.50) — Healthy but still feels devilishly indulgent, try this sweet and crunchy corker with freshly-roasted granola and hazelnuts if you’re craving a bit of crisp crunch for brunch. Tart rhubarb, thick Greek yoghurt and a generous drizzle of sweet maple syrup make this a must-try!
WAFFLEY BERRY GOOD (£11) — With a base slathered in fresh raspberry purée, diners will find a meadow’s worth of fresh summer berries – strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries – scattered atop this sweet slice of pizza pie, alongside Belgian waffle, thick Greek yoghurt and a crown of fresh mint leaves.
Whether you’ve risen late, you’re craving sweet comfort at lunchtime or you want to linger over a long catch-up with friends at the weekend, never miss the most important meal of the day. And, of course, no brunch sitting is set without a round of Bloody Marys.
All pizzas have been created by Executive Chef Michael Lecouter, formerly of Bird of Smithfield and Smiths of Smithfield, and are cooked from an open-plan kitchen in an impressive rustic pizza oven. Pizzas are served in the casual first-floor dining room, located above the beautiful courtyard of Lancashire Court, Mayfair.  Roll right out of bed onto the cobbles of Lancashire Court and stop in to London’s most plush pizza parlour for the most unique way to enjoy brunch!

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