Mid-Valley Community Police Council

Van Nuys, CA — Mid-Valley Community Police Council honored five individuals from the Los Angeles Police Department Van Nuys Division at their “Officers of the Quarter” celebration. LAPD Captain Paul Snell, Commanding Officer of Van Nuys Area presented the awards along with Deputy Chief Jorge Villegas of the San Fernando Valley Bureau. “We are thrilled to have such wonderful Officers, civilians and volunteers serving our community,” commented Jean Sinatra, President of the Mid-Valley Community Police Council.

Mid-Valley Community Police Council
Mid-Valley Community Police Council

Sergeant I Brian Whetsel was selected as “Supervisor of the Quarter.” Sergeant Whetsel has been diligently working the Van Nuys Parole Impact Team (PIT) since its inception in late 2011. He was selected to lead the unit because of his leadership skills, tactical skills, and detective background. Sergeant Whetsel is recognized for his leadership, organizational skills, productivity, and contribution to Van Nuys Area’s crime reduction. Detective I Maria Mendoza was selected for “Detective of the Quarter.” Detective Mendoza was recognized for her significant contributions to the overall success of the Valley CARES FJC project in Van Nuys.

Detective Mendoza also received special recognition from the City of Los Angeles Domestic Violence Task Force for her extraordinary commitment to serve and protect victims of domestic violence. Detective Mendoza is an exemplary employee and outstanding investigator who has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to meet the goals and objectives of the Valley CARES FJC. Police Officer III Kathryn Paschal was selected as the “Officer of the Quarter.” Officer Paschal has been assigned to Van Nuys Area for eight years, and in that time she has established herself as a valued employee committed to the Van Nuys Community.

During her time at Van Nuys, she has worked various watch assignments including a four year tour of duty in the Van Nuys Area Vice Unit. Officer Paschal has worked the “juvenile” car, and is a distinguished Field Training Officer. Jocelyn Mendoza was selected as the “Civilian of the Quarter.” Ms. Mendoza has been with the Los Angeles Police Department for the last six years. She serves as a Clerk Typist for the Records Unit. Since her employment with Van Nuys Records, Jocelyn has performed several critical duties in order to maintain a high standard of quality service to all law enforcement personnel. Shadi Rezaei was selected as “Volunteer of the Quarter.” She has the distinction of being the very first Crime and Intelligence Analyst Intern at Van Nuys Area. Shadi has already set a high bar for her successors. Since her arrival at Van Nuys, Ms. Rezaei has filled in for the vacant Gang Crime Intelligence Analyst position. She has risen to the challenge of this position, handling highly confidential information with discretion and tact.

About Mid-Valley Community Police Council: Since 1978, the Mid-Valley Community Police Council has supported the Los Angeles Police Department Van Nuys Division by raising money for supplemental training, specialized equipment, state-of-the-art technology, LAPD youth programs, and station improvements. The Council is comprised of local business owners, corporate community stakeholders and area residents who share a commitment to support the LAPD – Van Nuys Area Police Station. Monthly meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month and are open to the public. Attending the meetings offers one a chance to hear the most current Crime Recap, the ability to speak with the area Commanding Officer, hear from experts in specialized areas of law enforcement and forge substantive new relationships with peers from the local businesses and community. For more information about the Council visit www. midvalleypolicecouncil.org

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