Marz Boiz is a male Pop/R&B music group formed on August 26, 2008. The group consists of Elijah Wells III, Daniel Noriega and Miles Brock. The group was designed with futuristic minds

Marz Boiz on the scene

to grasp the attention of our new and upcoming generation.  These three talented young men came together in their elementary years and learned that they had a common love for music. The boys put their dreams on hold as they got older and ventured into their own endeavors.

Elijah Wells III track career took off as he received a full scholarship to UCLA. Miles Brock began his college life as he pursued his goal to become a Lawyer. Daniel Noriega followed as he entered college and began his medical dreams of becoming a Doctor. Throughout the years the boys never lost contact with each other. They remained close and continued to take small steps to pursue their music careers. Today these brilliant young men are taking even larger steps by recording, performing and branding them selves broaden their fan base.  (You can find them on these sites — —

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