Virgin Atlantic Plane

As millions of travelers around the world prepare to take off on their summer holidays, Virgin Atlantic Airways has issued a timely warning to remind passengers to take care of their belongings as every year it’s estimated that more than 12,000 books, 10,500 pairs of reading glasses and around 5,000 phones get left on board Virgin Atlantic planes.

Virgin Atlantic Plane
Virgin Atlantic Plane

Some of the more unusual items Virgin Atlantic has managed to re-unite its passengers with include; an artificial limb, an urn of ashes, a movie script and a wheelchair belonging to Artie from Glee!

The most frequent items lost by some of the six million passengers who fly with Virgin Atlantic every year include:

  1. Books
  2. Reading glasses
  3. Mobile phones
  4. Cameras
  5. ipod/MP3 players

The most unusual items found by Virgin Atlantic’s ground staff are:

  1. An artificial limb (found on a flight from New York)
  2. An urn containing someone’s ashes (found on a flight to Johannesburg)
  3. Movie script (found on a flight from Delhi)
  4. A wheelchair belonging to the cast of Glee (found on a flight from LA)
  5. Seven plastic orange pumpkins and witches broom sticks (found on a flight from Boston)

Laura Hutcheson, Flight Services Manager at Virgin Atlantic commented: “Passengers leave all sorts of items on planes ranging from the predictable to the quite unexpected. I was surprised to find an artificial limb left behind by one of our Upper Class passengers but was delighted that we were able to re-unite them. “Many passengers start their holidays the moment they get on board and when they relax into their adventure they can often forget the basics of checking that they don’t leave anything behind. Naturally we remind all passengers to ensure they have their belongings with them but would urge more people heed this advice!”

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