New York City

Publishing Group Expanding Into The Big Apple

NEW YORK CITY, NY — The Van Nuys News Press, the premiere local weekly newspaper in the San Fernando Valley, has announced they will opening a new office in New York City.  The publishing group will have an office in the Big Apple, along with their two current offices in Lake Balboa and Van Nuys as well.

“It is great to have a presence in the Empire State.  We have always wanted to expand to the “East Coast” and reach out to a new audience of advertisers and readers,” said George Christopher Thomas, Publisher of the Van Nuys News Press.

“Our weekly newspaper recently celebrated its seventh birthday, and to commemorate such a milestone, we decided to broaden our sphere of influence and widen our coverage area,” said Thomas.

“This partnership and expansion would not be possible without the good people at “Merabi and Sons.”  Their professionalism and expertise has helped immensely, and I would highly recommend their services to any business looking to increase and magnify their presence in Los Angeles and New York City,” said George Christopher Thomas, Publisher of the Van Nuys News Press.

“Our new address is 1319 3rd Avenue in New York City, New York 10021.  The office is exactly one mile from the Central Park Zoo, and that will be a great place to meet for a power lunch and discussions on future business deals.  I really look forward to broadening, developing and growing our newspaper empire, and having offices in New York City should help in that endeavor,” said Thomas.

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