Josef Lazarovitz

Councilman Declares Public Safety His Top Priority

VAN NUYS, CA – Longtime resident, business owner and current Public Safety Committee Chairman of the Van Nuys Neighborhood Council Josef Lazarovitz has qualified for the ballot and is seeking another term on the council.  Lazarovitz says there is still much to be done, and working with the stakeholders, business owners and residents of Van Nuys to make the community a safer place is what he is going to focus on during his second term.

“I recently participated in the “Red Cross Map Your Neighborhood” program at my residence in Van Nuys, and thought how great this would be to do throughout Van Nuys, and eventually all over the San Fernando Valley,” said Lazarovitz.  “Neighbors who work together as a team to prepare for disasters save lives, reduce the severity of injuries and trauma, and reduce property damage. In addition, working together as a team and contributing as an individual develops stronger communities and improves the quality of life in the community.”

Lazarovitz has lofty goals for his second term, but believes they can be achieved with dedicated Council-members and an engaged proactive approach from the citizens of Van Nuys.  “I am going to spearhead a series of emergency preparedness seminars and training sessions for the council, focusing on earthquakes, home fires, wildfires, flash floods and heat emergencies among others.  After we are finished with these seminars, I am going to focus the Van Nuys Neighborhood Council on learning lifesaving skills, from first aid, CPR and bloodborne pathogens training to swimming and lifeguarding,” said Lazarovitz.  “Then we are going to cap off the year with a blood drive, 2014 will be a very productive year for public safety and community involvement in Van Nuys.”

The Van Nuys Neighborhood Council election is Thursday, March 20th at 6262 Van Nuys Blvd.  Polls are open from 4pm – 8pm, and qualified voters can also mail in their ballots.  (For more information, please visit or

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