La Tuna Fire

BURBANK, CA — The La Tuna Canyon Fire started at La Tuna Canyon and Interstate 210 freeway yesterday, 9/1/2017. The cause is unknown. Due to erratic wind conditions, around 2:00 pm yesterday spot fires started on the Burbank side of the Verdugo foothills. Working in conjunction with our partners from LA City and County Fire Department, we were able to protect all structures in the threatened areas, which included Brace Canyon, Castleman area, the homes on Haven Way, as well as the Nature Center and Wildwood Canyon. This was in large part due to air support provided by LA City and County Fire Department helicopters.

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Late in the afternoon, and in an effort to error on the side of safety, we kept several companies on the hill side. At about 11:00pm, another erratic wind shift occurred causing great concern for the safety of the residents and the protections of the homes in the areas listed above. In light of this, a request was put in by the Burbank Incident Commander for 10 strike teams, which consist of 50 fire engines as well as a redeployment of air support.

Typically, helicopters do not fly at night unless structures are imminently threatened. This was the case and air support was once again provided. This enabled us to knock down all of the threatening fire that was dangerously close to homes especially in the Brace Canyon and Haven areas. As always, one of our greatest concerns in the City of Burbank is the Country Club Canyon neighborhood due to a dense canopy of old-growth trees. Because of the previous day’s erratic wind shifts, and based on our best weather intelligence, our plan for today is to deploy new fresh resources in and near the Country Club area. In addition, one our greatest assets is the approval and arrival of fixed winged aircraft which includes two Super Scoopers as well as a 737 Air Tanker. This will allow us to drop much
more significant quantities of water ahead of the flaming front in the neighborhoods of concern.

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