Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

(SACRAMENTO, CA) The governor signed legislation authored by Assemblymember Bob Blumenfield (D-San Fernando Valley) strengthening the authority of local governments to regulate medical marijuana collectives and cooperatives, or what are more commonly referred to as “pot shops.”

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

“This is a great victory for communities suffering from rogue dispensaries that create a host of problems,” said Blumenfield. “Some dispensaries have been caught selling marijuana to people not authorized to possess it, many intentionally operate in the shadows without any business licensure or under falsified documentation, and some have been the scene of violent crime. This new law will provide a much needed framework for stability after years of struggling with a Wild West, lawlessness.”

Assembly Bill (AB) 1300 establishes that local governments can enact and enforce local ordinances regulating the location, establishment, and operations of medical marijuana collectives or cooperatives.

Since the voters approved Proposition 215, many communities have used their land use and police powers to enact ordinances relating to dispensary operations, business licensure, zoning, and use permit conditions. At every turn, however, medical marijuana advocates have filed lawsuit after lawsuit against these ordinances stating that local governments are preempted from enacting and enforcing any additional requirements beyond state law.

“Since there are virtually no legally binding state requirements on “pot shops,” this new law is a first step towards much needed reform,” added Blumenfield. “It will help prevent medical marijuana abuses, preserve local control, and elevate our debate about medical marijuana.”

AB 1300 passed the Legislature with a 71-1 Assembly vote and a 38-0 Senate vote. It becomes law starting January 1 of next year.

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