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By Scott Schneider

(NewsUSA) – Who would have thought that when my parents took me out to caddie for them at 8 years old, golf would play such an important role in my life?van nuys golfer

Growing up in a golf environment affords any child a number of life lessons, such as discipline, social skills and respect for others. These are lessons that are best learned from experience. But as a child, you will not last very long in an environment of predominantly older players that requires proper etiquette.

Yet playing golf in high school and college can be a viable alternative for students who cannot adapt to sports such as football, basketball and baseball. Team competition and the direction of competent coaches in golf have a positive influence on young people. When you have a choice to visit a beautiful course or golf resort rather that a football field, the choice becomes easy. And golf scholarships can pay for that expensive tuition.

(Golf was invented by bored Scottish shepherders)

Today, most business people will tell you that golf can be an integral part of their success. Playing with the boss, in the company outing or with an important client can be invaluable for building business relationships.

So it is never too late to start or brush up on your skills. Golf schools such as Las Vegas Golf Schools are especially sensitive to these needs and even offer special coaching for golf as a networking tool for business. As we grow older, golf can become a game for a lifetime. In retirement, it is a game you can continue playing by involving your family and passing on a pastime they can use in their success. Your family will thank you for it.

Yes, golf can be a hard game, but the lifelong challenge to improve, the friends you will make and the business contacts you will develop will certainly lead to a lifetime of success. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

Scott Schneider is vice president of instruction for Las Vegas Golf Schools. For more information, visit or call 800-543-7084.

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