If you have ever been to London, England, you would have noticed the CCTV signs everywhere. And what is CCTV? It is closed circut television which records just about everything and everyone in London. So if a crime takes place, they have it on film and can go after that individual. The signs and cameras are everywhere, just about covering and filming all of London.

When I was over there, I was scared to litter, even accidentally. If I took my keys out of my pocket too fast, and a straw wrapper happened to trash some sidestreet in London, I was scared they were going to find me and fine me.

CCTV was used to track down the British born terrorists of Pakistani descent, who attacked the London tube trains. This lead me to thinking, if this deters crime, and helps fight crime in England, why not apply the same ideas and technology to the War in Iraq? Instead of having men and women on patrol in their Hummers, set up cameras and fight the war from an office in Nebraska. Instead of losing our men and women in roadside bomb attacks, why not lose a computer and a remote controled Hummer.

The majority of the people dying in the war are in their 20s and grew up playing video games. We should use our people and technology to fight a smarter war. I believe setting up CCTV in Baghdad, and reducing the number of soilders out on the street patroling like sitting ducks is a vital policy idea. The monetary cost of losing technology is nothing compared to the cost of our young soldiers’ lives. We need to use our technology as an advantage, and fight a smarter war.

The Congress along with the Executive Branch needs to implement this in order to bring our troops back home. We have won the war, Saddam is dead, and we have officially occupied Iraq for years. Now is the time to pull out, but leave the country secure. By setting up CCTV in Baghdad and replacing soliders with remote controlled machines, we can continue to secure the country from the plains of Kansas and an office building in Fargo, Minnesotta.

The future is now, and in order for America to remain a superpower, we need to adapt and overcome and defeat our enemies by using our brains. It has been this way since the beginning of time. Warfare evolves and develops, and so should the way America fights in war. I challenge the US Government to start changing how we fight, and start saving American lives at home and abroad.

Technology is the key, and with the generation that grew up playing video games, we should embrace the new frontier.

Remote controlled robots and closed circut security television can bring our troops back home soon. Instead of giving Halliburton a no-bid contract for oil production, why not give Radio Shack a no-bid contract to take over Baghdad with security cameras? If the terrorists can bring the war to America, we can bring Radio Shack to Karbala. I encourage you to contact your congressional representative and tell him or her that you support setting up CCTV in Baghdad and bringing the troops back home. Let Johnny Smith fight the insurgents from the office building down the street in Topeka, not in the Sunni Triangle thousands of miles from home. Technology is the key, so let’s adapt and overcome as the Marines say, and bring our soliders back home.


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