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GALAPAGOS ISLANDS, ECUADOR — Located about 600 miles west of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands were created five million years ago by undersea volcanic eruptions. In 1535, Tomás de Berlanga, Bishop of Panama, floated into this archipelago and named it Galapagos after the giant tortoises he encountered. Pirates used the islands for refuge and to bury their stolen treasure, but it wasn’t until the end of the 19th century, when it became a regular port of call for whaling fleets, that the wildlife was threatened.

Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Islands

The islands’ most celebrated visitor was Charles Darwin, who arrived aboard the HMS Beagle in 1835. The rare life forms he encountered helped him formulate his theory of evolution, which he published in The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection.

After visiting the Galapagos in 1941, Herman Melville entitled his book The Encantadas. But it wasn’t until 1959 when it became par t of Ecuador’s national park system that this fragile ecosystem with its rare and endemic species came under protection. In 1979 the Galapagos archipelago was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Experience moment after moment of wonder in a land where time stands still. Ecoventura’s comprehensive 7-night cruises explore the entire archipelago. And thanks to an outstanding guide-to-guest ratio, you’ll venture ashore in small groups of no more than ten fellow explorers, experiencing this magical realm in the most authentic and educational way possible.

About Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Islands

Ecoventura offers all kinds of active exploration. Go on a nature walk and marvel at pre-historic land iguanas and lava lizards. Slip into a sea kayak and discover hidden tide pools, mangrove forests, beaches of red, green and black sand and the hardened lava fields smeared into the edges of the shores. Swim back and forth across the equator with sea lions that perform an underwater ballet. Go birding to look for the Nazca booby. Or put on your own mask and enter the delicate balance of life underwater, watching schools of graceful spotted eagle rays gliding beneath you.

Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Islands

Exploring the undersea is a major part of the Galapagos experience where cold and warm waters intermingle and where fur sea lions, sea turtles, dolphins, whales and tame reef sharks thrive. Ecoventura provides complimentary snorkeling equipment, wet suits and kayaks.

After dinner, attend a briefing by one of Ecoventura’s naturalists. With so few guests, your guide can take the time to explore a topic that interests you personally.

Ecoventura’s signature fleet includes three identical expedition yachts custom-designed for Galapagos cruising: the M/Y Eric, Flamingo I and Letty. Built in 1991 and refurbished annually, these identical superior first-class sister yachts accommodate no more than 20 guests and feature three decks of spacious staterooms with polished teak interiors trimmed with shiny brass fittings. Accommodations include ten double outside-facing cabins with a window or porthole view, one double bed or two twin lower beds, fully air-conditioned with private bathroom (hot and cold water showers), bio-degradable soap/shampoo dispensers, hair dryer, closet, drawers, intercom and separate climate controls for your comfort. There’s a dining room, well-stocked bar and conference area with a flat screen TV, library and panoramic picture windows. Or you can relax in a lounge chair on the sun deck, enjoying sea breezes and a sky full of stars.  (For more information, please visit or call 1-800-633-7972.)

Galapagos Yacht
Galapagos Yacht

Cruise highlights

  • 7-night expeditions depart every Sunday from San Cristobal
  • 20-guest superior first-class motor yacht
  • 10 fully air-conditioned outside staterooms with private bathrooms
  • Dining room featuring Ecuadorian and international cuisine
  • Fully-stocked bar
  • Conference room for briefings with TV, DVD player and library
  • Observation areas and open sun deck

Enjoy with Ecoventura’s compliments

  • Three meals daily, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Captain’s welcome and farewell cocktail parties
  • House wine and local beer served during dinner
  • Guided excursions with English-speaking naturalist
  • Low guide to passenger radio (max 10 guests per guide)
  • Complimentary snorkeling equipment, 3mm custom wet suits and kayaks


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