Government Budget

By Irving Leemon, Contributing Columnist

This country is being ruined by a group of people who are nothing more then spoiled, ignorant children who have not been taught the history of this country. They are told of a simplistic solution to a very complex problem and they refuse to listen to, and understand arguments against it and want only their way.

Government Budget
Government Budget

Only children with little or no life experiences and education could possibly believe that such a simple solution can fix the financial problems of this country. Just one example of how wrong headed their solution is; the ending of the depression. Yes, World War II was responsible for the end of the depression.

The depression ended because the government spent billions of dollars it did not have to fight the war. The machinery of war, guns, planes, tanks, ammunition, etc., were bought with those dollars. In addition, the government funded food, clothes, health services, payrolls, etc., etc. for the armed forces. All of these things were bought with money the government did not have.

When the war ended there was money in company’s pockets to fund the hiring of the returning veterans, which meant that they found jobs so that they could buy the necessities of life; homes, clothes, food, and so on. In addition, the GI bill (a government funded program) sent many GI’s through college.

As a result, those GI’s gave their children and education, which enabled us to send men to the moon, and increase our medical and dietary knowledge to the point that life expectancy, has been increased by at least three decades. Instead of further restricting government spending, we should be encouraging government to spend more on our info structure, health care, and basic and advanced education systems.

Those uneducated children who insist that history is wrong, and that all we have to do is severely limit government’s spending and our financial and other problems will be solved have it all wrong. They also seem to feel that companies and corporations will take care of their workers, and through their benevolence, will take care of the unfortunate in our society. They have only to look at this country before the war.

Only the rich could afford an education. Companies went to war against their workers. Robber barons, the very rich, took control of most of this country’s money and still wanted more. All those politicians want is to be re elected and receive the benefits that government “service” gives them. They receive a respectable salary, retirement, and an almost no cost health care system. It appears that those children are selfish and uneducated, and they want the rest of the country to become selfish and uneducated as well. Agree, Disagree? Email

By Iving Lemon

Contributing Columnist

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