By Irving Leemon, Contributing Columnist

Both the “Republicans” and the Democrats are missing the ball. President Obama is not doing enough to create jobs. He seems to be somewhat paralyzed because he is still enamored with the idea of compromise. The “Republican” Party (tea party) has shown that they don’t want to compromise and are willing to lie and fiscally trash this country just to get their way.

Yes, the Second World War pulled us out of the depression. But, this was done by the federal government spending money on the war effort during the war and also spending money during the post war years, and NOT by decreasing the government’s spending. This put people to work. When people work they spend more on food, clothes, services, etc., and pay more taxes, which in turn increases the government’s available funds to pay down debts, etc.

The president should freeze out the Tea Partiers as much as he can from financial matters. The Republicans should do the same. Those ideologues have shown that they do not care about the oath they swore to PROTECT and SERVE theUnited Statesand its citizens; they only care about protecting the tax advantages of the rich and moving towards financial slavery of most of the people. Obama did take a first tentative step week before last to create more jobs. He is giving companies that hire returning veterans jobs a tax break.

Let’s hope that he will follow through with other federally financed work; such as, infrastructure improvements; our highways, freeways, roads and bridges are deteriorating at an alarming rate; more has to be done on water reclamation and treatment. More money needs to be spent on our food supply’s safety. More money needs to be spent on training our teachers so that they can teach students reading, writing (including cursive writing), and arithmetic; encourage and train students to go into fields that they enjoy and are good at, not just “preparing” every one for college.

And above all, teach their students to have pride in their work when they’ve done their best, and in their accomplishments. And, we need programs that get more parents involved with the schools and their children’s formal education. Maybe a requirement that parents have to attend a certain number of affairs and meetings each school year, or they are fined either time maintaining the campuses, or money.. After all, it’s the taxpayers who foot the bill, including retirees and others who don’t have children of school age. Parents who have children in public schools should have to “pay” a little something extra. Agree, Disagree? Email

By Iving Lemon

Contributing Columnist

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