Conspiracy Theorists

By Irving Leemon, Contributing Columnist

Now that the “Birthers”, or should I say conspiracy theorists, have forced President Barack Obama to produce his birth certificate, they are starting to question his educational background and whether or not Osama bin Laden has been killed. These people will never be satisfied. They, and the, to me, clowns (such as Palin and Trump) who the press and talking heads on radio and TV quote, are determined to try and find a conspiracy by the government under every stone and pebble on the beach. In addition, it appears to me that racially prejudiced people have joined them.

Why else this consistent noise and attention to these ridiculous charges? Ever since President Obama has been elected there has been a hue and cry to find a way to disqualify him for the office. These people take a lot of time, money, attention, and effort away from the real needs of this country. It’s bad enough when they espouse their views, but when the talking heads and print media espouse the same things, we have a problem. Now some of them (in letters to the editor) are claiming that Bush laid the ground work for Obama’s success. I say to these people, believe it or not, the Navy SEALS were created during World War II.

These people do not have a shred of evidence to prove their charges. And to go so far as to indirectly accuse a top university of allowing a substandard pupil to graduate at the top of his class is ludicrous. The university cannot afford to let that happen. They would lose their credibility and future standing in the education community This nonsense will not stop until the press stops giving those people media attention. The only attention they deserve is to be laughed at.

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By Iving Lemon

Contributing Columnist

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