— By Irving Leemon Everything I see and hear points to the “protest encampments” across our nation, seems to be floundering. They appear to not have a clear message or direction or real purpose. I know they say they are against big businesses and the government’s bailouts of them. However, as of now, it appears as if they are for anarchy. The problem is that the longer the encampments last, the more property will be destroyed, and the more likely there will be violence, as in Northern California.

I feel that what is really taking place is an attempt to re-enact a romanticized version of what their parents and grand parents did when they protested the Vietnam war. These people do have a legitimate gripe with the federal government. However, they do not appear to have a clearly stated message and goal. To be against government’s actions is fine, but what do they want? Jobs created, if so what kind, free lunches, or earned lunches? Housing that they can afford, or free housing? It’s time for them to either go home or organize and arrange to not depend on government hand outs, and clearly state what they are protesting and what they want to be done about it. They appear to want local government to take care of them while they are camped out. What they really need are jobs and I hope they get them. Agree? Disagree? Email me at ileemon@socal.rr.com

By Iving Lemon

Contributing Columnist

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