By Irving Leemon, Contributing Columnist

If you thought that last year (2010) had political craziness, wait ‘till you see what this year will bring. I predict that by the time next December rolls around you will not only be letting out a sigh of relief, you will also have banged your head against the wall trying to clear your head of ‘political’ nonsense and jingles. This while cursing all politicians for their craziness and not paying attention to the business that they’re supposed to be elected to do. The NO Parties (Republican and Tea Parties) will continue to block everything that President Obama puts forward that helps the people in an effort to discredit the President, and accuse him of doing nothing to help the people. Just because President Obama happens to have two different ethnic backgrounds in his family does not mean that he shouldn’t be President and can’t do a good job.

The problem has always been the extremists who can’t abide someone who is “different” from them being a smart and a good man, qualified, and able to do the job he is assigned, or elected to do. I’m very pleased and surprised that the accusation of his having a different way of worshipping God, therefore he cannot be a decent human being seems to have died. While President Obama has his faults, and has made mistakes, he has always had the opposition fighting him tooth and nail when he tries to do something constructive to help this country and its people. Just look at Santorum saying that super PACs were accusing Romney of backing the rights of felons to vote.

All the while Santorum is one of the biggest beneficiaries of a super Pac’s backing. Santorum also accused Romney of doing nothing about getting felons the right to vote in his state. Romney replied that the Democratic legislature would not allow him to do so. This is the very same type of blocking that the Republicans have been doing on the national scene! Don’t forget the NO Parties’ promise to do everything they can to make Obama’s presidency a failure, (to me, an undemocratic and unconstitutional move), including their stupid and vicious claim that Obama is not a legally born citizen of this country. All of the talking heads and “reporters” who made that claim should have to publically produce their certified birth certificates. At this time in history is Obama the best man for the presidency? Probably not. BUT, he is by far the best man that is running for the job. Agree? Disagree? Email me at

By Iving Lemon

Contributing Columnist

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