FBI Citizen's Academy

For more than 15 years, the FBI’s local Citizens’ Academies have given some 10,000 community leaders an up-close and personal look at the mission and capabilities of the FBI—and changed plenty of hearts and minds along the way. Why is that so important to the FBI? Because by building stronger partnerships with civic leaders, the FBI is better able to do their jobs. The graduates of the FBI Citizens’ Academies enable the FBI to stay better attuned to the needs and issues of the community.  The graduates also are more willing to pick up the phone and call the FBI with information that could help solve or prevent crimes.  For more information, visit www.fbi.gov. 

FBI Citizen's Academy
A member of the El Paso Citizens’ Academy takes aim during target practice. Citizens’ Academy classes generally meet 10 times for three hours each session and are taught by Special Agents in Charge of a field office and by their senior managers and senior agent experts.

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