Dr. Richard R. Reichel’s ‘Everybody is an Actor’ introduces the psychophantic system which is based on a complete and total education of the film industry and the psychological principles that operate within it. The system also helps anyone who wants to become an outstanding communicant.

PALM HARBOR, Fla. – “To become a successful film actor, one must be aware and understand what a lifeact is. Everyone who has lived on this earth for any length of time is a life actor.” From this line, highly respected, well-known, award-winning film producer, director, and writer Dr. Richard R. Reichel takes his readers on an amazing exploration into the world of the film industry and its psychological principles in Everybody is an Actor: The Psychophantic System. This is a complete guide to achieving success in the film industry and in everyday life.

This book will open the eyes of its readers to the truth about ‘acting methods’ and ‘techniques’ in manuals or instructions. Here, he introduces the psychophantic system of film acting, which teaches individuals the entire realm of film acting based on a complete and total education of the film industry and the psychological principles that operate within it. Psychophancy can be accomplished within a relatively short period of time. Everybody is an Actor: The Psychophantic System will unleash the true actor in everyone as it allows them to develop positive film acting skill and the knack to actually play the character they are portraying, and learn how to effectively work with the producer, director, cast, and crew, and much more. It also teaches students how to avoid falling into the trap of being self-conscious and other negative habits most beginners and even some seasoned professionals make. The psychophantic system can also give a person the ability to communicate proficiently in society.

In Everybody is an Actor: The Psychophantic System, Reichel has written a groundbreaking and absolute guide to real success in the world of film acting. It will also motivate ordinary individuals to enhance their lifeacts in their everyday existence. Interesting, informative and very practical, this book will appeal to those who wish to have more confidence, be more assertive at work, at school, at home, or in social situations.

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About the Author

Dr. Richard R. Reichel was the first to produce a TV program about all Asian cultures in America, which included discussion and entertainment segments.  He was also the first to present a TV show about all aspects of organic living. He has written and produced film projects on many subjects as well as motion picture productions. He is credited with convincing film star Jackie Chan to come to the United States of America to make movies.  Reichel has contact with well-known personalities and celebrities in the television and film industry. His greatest achievement was to create a new innovative system which teaches individuals to be successful film actors and actresses.  His system is unlike those antiquated methods that are out there today.

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