Dude Ranch In Arizona

WICKENBURG, ARIZONA — At the world famous Rancho de los Caballeros Dude Ranch in Arizona, you can experience a cookout like you never have before! Take a horse or hike to South Yucca Flats where the Cookout Cowboy will be strummin’ his guitar and singing everyone’s favorite songs by the fire all evening long.  And, nothing tastes better than the finest steak, chicken and BBQ ribs cooked to perfection over an open mesquite fire.

Rancho de los Caballeros - Wickenburg, AZ

In the evenings come to the Saloon and sing along with the ranch’s own cowboy balladeer or relax to the romantic sounds of a classical Spanish guitar. Or why not head over to the card room and try your luck in a game. These are just a few of the many activities you can enjoy during your evenings at Rancho de los Caballeros.  (www.ranchodeloscaballeros.com)

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