Keep In Touch with Family

The months ahead are sure to be filled with many reasons to call your family members, whether it be a celebration, a special moment or holiday, and talking with loved ones, especially those who live outside the U.S., is now far easier and costs less than you may have imagined.

Keep In Touch with Family
Keep In Touch with Family

That’s because new options make it easy to add minutes to the mobile phones of family and friends in other countries.

Prepaid cell phone users can “top it up” to add more minutes for calls. A number of new international services are now available to let users top up the cell phones of friends and family members who live far away. To give mobile phone time to any family member or friend far away, you can:

1.         Go to a top-up service website.

2.         Select the country where the person lives.

3.         Type the person’s name and phone number.

Choose how much to spend in topping up that person’s phone and click the mouse. The service tells you right away that the transfer went through and the phone has been topped up.

When deciding on a top-up service, look for one with no extra or hidden charges, such as service or processing fees. Such services make it easy to send as much as you want, whenever you want. As long as your loved ones have cell phone service with a mobile provider covered by the top-up service, you can make sure they always have time available on their phones—including time to talk with you.

If you talk to your sister every week, you can make sure her phone is always ready for your calls. If there is a big soccer game and you want to keep up with the score, you can top up the phone of a nephew who will be watching. If your mother’s birthday is coming, you can top up your mother’s phone so she can talk to everyone she wants to. And if there is an emergency, you can be sure that everyone you need to stay in touch with has phone time available.

One mobile top-up service, Aryty (pronounced ah-RIE-tee) offers international mobile phone top-up minutes in more than 25 countries. A free trial delivers up to $3.40 in free minutes, depending on country and service provider, to the loved one of your choice. To try the top-up service, visit The website is available in both Spanish and English.

When deciding on a top-up ser­vice, look for one with no extra or hidden charges, such as service or processing fees.

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