Washington, D.C. – A few weeks ago, the House passed a fiscally responsible budget with the right priorities for America’s families.  “I am proud to have voted for this budget,” stated Rep. Howard Berman.  “This budget restores fiscal responsibility and accountability, strengthens our national defense, and invests in the next generation and America’s prosperity.”

Congressman Howard Berman

“I applaud the House,” said Berman, “for having passed a budget that finally restores fiscal discipline and reaches balance in five years.  Such nonpartisan groups as the Concord Coalition and the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities have endorsed this budget’s approach to restoring fiscal accountability – with the reinstatement of tough pay-as-you-go rule budget rules to ensure that budget discipline is permanent.”

“In order to institute fiscal discipline, this budget also includes provisions to invest in efforts to identify and eliminate wasteful spending and improve government efficiency,” pointed out Rep. Berman.  “For example, it contains provisions calling for rooting out waste, fraud and abuse in federal contracting – such as occurred in Halliburton contracts in Iraq and in Katrina-related contracts.”

“This budget strengthens our national defense and honors our promises to California’s brave troops and veterans,” said Berman.  “The budget provides the largest increase for veterans’ health care in the history of our country – providing $3.5 billion more than the President’s budget.  This will help to ensure that the 2,310,967 veterans in California receive care worthy of their sacrifice.”

“This budget also puts children and families first,” continued Berman.  “For example, in California, 1,380,800 children do not have health insurance.  This budget helps these children by increasing funding for the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) – reducing the number of uninsured children across the county.  This budget also provides substantially more funding for California’s 6,518,000 children enrolled in public elementary, middle and high schools – providing nearly $8 billion more for education and training than the President’s budget.”

“In addition, this budget grows our economy, funding the House Democratic innovation agenda – such as putting us on the path to double funding for the National Science Foundation,” pointed out Rep. Berman.  “It also recognizes that the 3,575,200 small businesses in California are the engine of the economy.  To spur economic growth and support small businesses, the budget rejects the President’s proposal to cut the Small Business Administration by 26 percent from last year’s request.”   For more information on the Congressman who represents Van Nuys, check out

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