MOAB, UT — The adventurous share one thing in common. They count on Nature to help them recharge and reach new personal highs and goals.

America’s red rock playground in Moab, Utah, offers one challenge after another. This region is widely regarded as one of the best rock climbing and canyoneering destinations in the world. These are two pursuits often cited for helping people overcome their fears and meet other challenges in their lives.

“When people stand at the bottom of a canyon wall waiting to climb, they’re already moving themselves mentally and emotionally out of their comfort zones,” says Cort Wright, General Manager of the Moab Adventure Center ( in Moab. This is the go-to place for organizing adventures around Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park.

“Helping people learn the fundamentals of rock climbing is a favorite for our guides,” he adds. “Moab Adventure Center takes our customer experience and COVID-safety very seriously. We’ve targeted excellent locations and created some wonderful programs and protocols that allow our guides and instructors to provide experiences that appeal to young and old, regardless of skill level.”

Conquering a canyon is a sure bet for a small group and team-building activity, Wright explains why.

  • First, new challenges like rock climbing have amazing potential to build self-confidence and bring people closer together.
  • Second, when climbing, you have to do things that are outside of your comfort zone. When you’re all alone up there on the canyon wall, no one is next to you telling you what to do. You have to make decisions for yourself and by yourself. You learn quickly whether or not those decisions are good. If a decision turns prickly, you fail fast and move on. This process of making it to the top is all on your own.
  • Third, rock climbing is a great bonding experience. Maneuvering up – or down – a rock face is a personal challenge. Families, for example, get out of a child’s way – and head — and let them figure it out for themselves. When this happens, it’s magic! Children – and adults — come off the rock and feel so proud of themselves.

Fall is the perfect time to escape the heat and enjoy the usually dry climate. Rock climbing and canyoneering are offered here through November. Sessions are approximately five hours, morning or afternoon. All guides are trained and certified by the Association for Canyoneering Education (ACE). They have passed every advanced canyoneering and rescue course ACE has and have customized their knowledge to fit the needs of Moab Adventure Center guests and participants.

The per person rate for Moab Rock Climbing Introduction is $107 ($92 for ages 5-12). Participants at all skill levels learn through guided instruction how to improve face and crack climbing techniques, how to use and care for equipment, the techniques of knot and rope work and of basic belaying and descending. For details see

The per-person rate for The Ultimate Moab Canyoneering Adventure is $107 ($92 for ages 10-12). Guests learn how to rappel 90’ into a secluded grotto and then drop 120’ off a natural bridge to a natural spring. The experience is finished off with a 3.5-mile hike along a stream through a hidden canyon on the way back out to the Colorado River. For details see

Private Moab Rock Climbing Lessons are perfect for small groups up to four participants. The group rate is $425 and hands-on classes run approximately 5 hours. See:

About the Moab Adventure Center – Moab Adventure Center is at the epicenter of nature-themed adventure, promising activities that include rafting, jet boating, stand up paddle boarding, hiking, mountain biking and hot air ballooning. Hummer safaris, rock climbing, canyoneering and horseback riding are popular. Many of these activities are conducted with guides, an arrangement that helps preclude the kind of damage to the land that can happen when uneducated visitors venture into areas where they shouldn’t be. Guides help people understand where they can move through back country with the least impact possible.

Moab Adventure Center is a division of Western River Expeditions ( an adventure travel company headquartered in Salt Lake City, with operations and offices in Moab and Fredonia, AZ. The company is the largest single tour provider in Moab, Utah. The Moab Adventure Center is located at 225 South Main St., Moab, UT 84532. For information and reservations please call (435) 259-7019 or (866) 904-1163. The center also has a 2,000-square-foot retail space selling adventure related gear, clothing, maps and souvenirs.

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