The Louisiana Children’s Museum aims to showcase the resilience of children through resilient rainbows.

NEW ORLEANS, LA — Louisiana Children’s Museum is launching Resilient Rainbows, an initiative to highlight children’s creativity and resilience. LCM invites families to share their children’s rainbow creations on social media with #lcmrainbows. We want to see their drawings and paintings, and their sidewalk art. Show us their sculptures. Share their crafts. Let’s come together to create a living gallery that showcases the resilience of children.

Childrensmuseum“Rainbows are a symbol of resilience, the beauty after the storm when the sun begins to shine again. It’s something that resonated with us, and we thought it might resonate with families, too,” said Louisiana Children’s Museum CEO Julia Bland. “We want to remind our community of the creative and resilient power of our children, so we’re inviting everyone to make a rainbow to share. Place it in your front window, draw it on the sidewalk, suspend it from a tree – and be sure to share it with us!”

When LCM issued a call for children to create Care Cards for the residents and staff of Lambeth House, we noticed the recurring theme of rainbows. These amazing, colorful rainbows were a way for children to express their love, support, and hope. But they also had a deeper meaning as a symbol of resilience. After all, what comes after a storm but a rainbow. That ideal is what inspired us to launch Resilient Rainbows. We aim to show all the ways children are making the world a brighter place.

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