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“Mobilize, Organize, Elect” Will Support Progressive Victories in 2016

SACRAMENTO – In an effort to strengthen grassroots democracy, the California Democratic Party announced a $200,000 contribution from Tom Steyer to strengthen grassroots democracy and boost voter turnout in 2016.

Steyer’s contribution will fund “Mobilize, Organize, Elect,” a digital organizing tool to drive voter engagement and turnout efforts in 2016. It will also bolster the party’s voter registration efforts.

The Mobilize, Organize, Elect database is a free tool available to volunteers in California’s 58 counties. It allows them to identify and register new voters, deliver slate cards with endorsed candidates and initiatives, and turn out voters for elections.

“The more people vote and participate in the process, the better it is for California,” said California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton. “I want to thank Tom Steyer for his dedication to building the nation’s best grassroots political party. Because when Democrats vote, the people win.”

“Increased voter participation strengthens democracy and empowers communities in the fight for economic, educational and environmental justice,” said Steyer. “In a system dominated by corporate interests that put profits before people, grassroots organizing efforts make sure the voice of the people is heard in November.”

“Having good data has never been more important in winning elections. That’s why we’re putting it into the hands of volunteers who know their communities,” said California Democratic Party Executive Director Chris Myers.

Mobilize, Organize, Elect is powered by Political Data Inc., a California-based company with a strong record in data security.

What is MOE?

MOE (Mobilize, Organize, Elect) is the resource the California Democratic Party has made available to California’s Democratic Central Committees, their chartered clubs, and other chartered organizations, to advocate on behalf of endorsed Democratic candidates and issues.

MOE enables these organizations to manage not only their own voter file and targeting, but their volunteers, members, online phone banks, newly registered voters and neighborhood/precinct leaders within a single integrated online system.

Our objective for MOE is to empower Democratic Central Committees and eligible Democratic organizations with useful tools to maximize their efforts for not just one election cycle, but over the course of many election cycles.

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