Victoria Colligan Stay at Home Mom

Stay-at-home mom? How about stay-at-home CEO? “Mompreneurs” are part of a trend that’s becoming more and more prevalent, as millions of business-minded mothers are starting online companies and operating them from home. Providers of Internet services are taking note of this in- creasing number of enterprising mothers.

Victoria Colligan Stay at Home Mom
Victoria Colligan Stay at Home Mom

Network Solutions, for example, recently partnered with Victoria Colligan, mother of two and co-founder of a women’s networking company called Ladies Who Launch. The partnership combines Colligan’s entrepreneurial know-how with Network Solutions’ business-building tools, such as Do- It-For-Me Web sites, easy-to-use tem- plates and flexible e-commerce pack- ages. But even with such helpful resources, starting a business can be tough, especially when being a mom is top priority.

If you’re looking to build a Web site and start your own business, Colligan offers the follow- ing tips:

  • Brand your company. Ask yourself: What kind of style do I want for my business? Serious or whimsical? Sophisticated or youthful? Your type of branding could be any of these things, but having a consistent style can grant your company a sense of personality.
  • Words are key. Carefully determine a handful of keywords that describe your company, and then incorporate these words into your site’s URL, page titles and content. This tells Internet search engines what your site is about, so people using these keywords can find your site more easily.
  • Sell, sell, sell. Don’t overlook conventional marketing. Include detailed product descriptions and quality photos of merchandise on your site. A satisfaction guarantee is a great way to exemplify confidence in your product.
  • Keep it fresh. Give your customers a reason to come back to your Web site. Be sure to add new content whenever it’s appropriate and monitor your site to ensure that the content is relevant.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Do your research and find a Web solutions provider that will be available when you need help.

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