(NewsUSA) – Shopping for Dad can be a tough order to fill. For a versatile present that really will get his excitement revving, consider an all-terrain vehicle. Family fun is perhaps the greatest gift that you can give, and ATVs serve it up in spades. Whizzing through forests or racing down back-country trails can be an experience that Dad and your family may never forget. Some models, such as the Sportsman X2, even feature seating for two people, so multiple family members can come along on a single ride. The second seat folds into the vehicle’s rear cargo box, so when Dad is riding alone, he’s got plenty of space for extra cargo or gear, making the vehicle an ideal accessory for hunting or camping. ATVs can provide more than fun, however. In addition to their uses for recreational activities, these versatile vehicles also can serve utilitarian purposes. ATVs built by Polaris, for instance, can be fitted with a variety of attachments, such as plows, mowers and winches. Mowing the lawn or plowing the driveway can be fast and easy with the aid of an ATV, so Dad won’t have to suffer through any more back-breaking shoveling or yard work. To view a wide selection of ATV models, including the Sportsman X2, or to shop for a variety of ATV accessories, visit www.polarisindustries.com.

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