George Thomas

Question:  Hello Government George, I read your column from time to time, and live in an unincorporated part of Los Angeles County.  I would like some information on disaster preparedness, and where should start to get more involved? -Arthur Bortner

Answer:  Well Arthur Bortner, your best bet is to check out  They have a lot of information on county government programs and the like.  211 partners directly with the Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management to be the primary provider of disaster preparedness and response information services to the community before, during, and after disasters. In times of local or national distress, 211 LA County responds by providing timely and accurate information for any member of the community to learn valuable and life-saving information. To ensure maximum accessibility during large scale crises, 211 LA County partners with Bank of America and Volunteer Centers of Los Angeles for call handling volunteer assistance.  (Newspaper Publisher George C. Thomas answers local government questions, email him at

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