LOS ANGELES, CA. May 22, 2012 – Five American travel social media publishers have been invited to Taiwan, The Heart of Asia, by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau (TTB) in June 2012 to independently roam the island and share their daily fun adventures via the world wide web with thousands of international fans, followers, friends and families.  Coming from different age groups and travel backgrounds, the five savvy American travel social media publishers are challenged to design their own travel itineraries based on Taiwan’s amazing cultural, culinary, outdoor, and luxury lifestyles.
The fun travel kicks-off on May 27 with Matt Gibson, a travel blogger, writer and photographer and Kristin Mock, a post-graduate student from University of Arizona. Both social media experts are excited to explore Taiwan’s integrated cycling routes, exotic beach front activities, and sophisticated cultural and culinary destinations uniquely selected by them.
In June, Lance Crisler, an assistant professor of Chinese culture and cinema at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) will explore Taiwan’s historical museums and temples for six days based on his own itinerary.  It’s also Crisler’s personal goal to bring his amazing Taiwan experience and shared them with his college students interested in learning more about Taiwan.

Chikanlou (The Chamber of Red Hill) in Tainan

The final two invited social media publishers heading to Taiwan are Helen Hernandez and Bennett Root, executives of North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA). They will leave for Taiwan back-packed and ready to experience life with locals by riding high-speed trains and local shuttles to explore the Formosa Island from every angle. Upon their return to America, they plan to share their extensive Taiwan journey at the NATJA annual conference in October 2012.
“We are living in the fast-moving digital era with growing numbers of independent travelers wanting to search for their own unique travel destinations,” said Trust Lin, Director of Taiwan Tourism Bureau in Los Angeles office.  “Taiwan warmly welcomes this growing group of online travelers from different age groups and travel backgrounds because their free spirits mirrors our island’s independent philosophy for the past 100 years and counting.”
For more information about Taiwan, please visit taiwan.net.tw or go2taiwan.net.

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