Mitt Romney
By Irving Leemon, Contributing Columnist.
1. His party is trying to
take the vote away from
Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney
the poor and other citizens.
2. His foreign policy experience
is non-existent.
2. He has no clue on how
to handle international affairs
and diplomacy.
3. I’m afraid that he would
use force inappropriately,
if at all.
4. His party has earned
the title of “the no party”
in Washington.
5. Romney’s former party
leader was responsible for the worse economic
downturn since the great depression.
6. His party started and coined the terms “war on
women” and “class warfare”.
7. Romney has no political position, he keeps flip
flopping his positions.
8. Romney’s adviser was right to compare Romney
to an etch-a-sketch.
9. Romney is owned in fee simple by big business.
10. Mitt has the backing of Newt Gingrich, an immoral
drug addict
11. He’s out of touch with the people and thinks
we’re stupid
12. He’s a timid, vacillating leader who won’t bring
about change except for his own profit.
13. He looted companies and fired many people as head of Bain Capital
14. He profits off the poor
15. His immigration reform plan is an “Obama level fantasy”
16. He’s not a conservative; he’s a revisionist.
17. Romney had nothing to do with bin Laden’s death
18. His party keeps accusing Democrats of lying while they are doing the lying.
19. Romney keeps avoiding the questions on policy.
20. All Romney can do is criticize Obama; he has no policies, foreign or domestic of his
own. (Agree? Disagree? Email me:

By Iving Lemon

Contributing Columnist

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