Windy Tree Fall

VAN NUYS:  The Government Center was home to some extreme weather this past week.  Extraordinarily strong winds whipped the community this past

Windy Tree Fall
Windy Tree Fall

Thursday, April 12th, bringing Teddy Canete of North Hollywood (pictured below) some bad luck one day in advance of Friday 13th as his car was crushed by a tree uprooted by the wind.

This unbelievable sight stopped gawkers in their tracks around lunch time on Friar St, just off Sylvan, to look at the over 3 story high tree that had been toppled by winds strong enough to rip its roots right through the concrete sidewalk and down onto Mr Canete’s sedan.  By-standers exclaimed “I didn’t think it was that windy!”.

Perhaps it was Mr Canete’s lucky day though – he has full insurance coverage, and looking at the damage shown above he was fortunate to be safely out and away from his vehicle when the tree fell.  This reminds us all of the importance of having insurance coverage – aside from it being mandatory in California, you just never know when a large tree might be blown on top of your car.

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