Leonis Adobe Calabasas CA

By Jean Strauber, Entertainment Editor

Another place to visit during “Carmageddon” weekend is the Leonis Adobe in Calabasas. Some of you readers have might even visited this L.A. Historic-Cultural Monument during school field trips. It’s now time to view it as an adult.

Leonis Adobe Calabasas CA
Leonis Adobe Calabasas CA

The Leonis Adobe is located on Calabasas Road in Calabasas, between the Sagebrush Cantina and across the street from the famed Motion Picture Home. One of the oldest surviving structures in the San Fernando Valley, it was built in 1844 and was occupied by the wealthy rancher, Miguel Leonis, until his death in 1889. Following his death the property was the subject of a lawsuit between his common law wife, heirs and a daughter born out of wedlock that lasted for years. In 1962 it was declared a Historic-Cultural Landmark.

When you visit the Adobe you might encounter an “unusual image.” In the book by John Kielbasa, “Miguel Leonis Adobe” he mentions this haunting: In the 1930s a family named Gregg owned the adobe. One evening a woman who lived there was leaning against the railing on the upstairs veranda. The rail cracked and was about to give way. When the woman turned to look to see who saved her, no one was there.

Richard Senate in his book “Ghost Talker’s Guide to Haunted California” relates that people have reported driving past the adobe late at night, see the image of a lady in a long black dress standing on the balcony. Espiritu (Leonis’ common law wife) regularly dressed in black dresses. In fact in 2005, the British paranormal television series “Most Haunted” devoted an entire episode to the site. On the grounds of the Leonis Adobe you’ll find the Plummer House which was built in 1874 in Plummer Park, West Hollywood. It was known as the ‘Oldest House in Hollywood.” Today it has been restored and is used as the visitor center and gift shop for the Leonis Adobe Museum.

The Leonis Adobe is located at 23537 Calabasas Road, Calabasas California. Visit www.leonisadobemuseum.org for further information.

By Jean Strauber

Entertainment Writer

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