(NAPSI)-A growing number of families are discovering that films of biblical tales are not only exciting, they’re fun to experience together. To their delight, an increasing number of breathtaking films in this vein have been released on DVD that are perfect for gift giving.

The collection of epic biblical titles features legendary actors including Charlton Heston (“The Agony and the Ecstasy”), Richard Burton (“The Robe”) and Peter O’Toole (“The Bible”).

Here’s a more detailed checklist of some of the classic epics you can expect to find in stores:

Biblical Film Favorites

“The Agony and the Ecstasy”-Charlton Heston and Rex Harrison portray two of the Renaissance’s most colorful figures in this historical drama set in the early 16th century. The film was nominated for an Oscar for its breathtaking cinematography and named one of the year’s best films by the National Board of Review.

“The Bible”-The greatest stories of the Old Testament are brought to the screen with astounding scope and power in this international film that depicts the first 22 chapters of Genesis.

“Luther”-Regional princes and the powerful Church wield a fast, firm grip on 16th century Germany. But when Martin Luther issues a shocking challenge to their authority, the people declare him their new leader-and hero. The result is a fast-moving film about a revolution that shakes the entire continent to its core.

“Demetrius and the Gladiators”-Rome, soon after the death of Christ. The depraved and mad Caligula is on the throne, obsessed with two things: The robe, the garment that fell from Jesus’ shoulders on the cross, and brutal gladiatorial displays.

“The Greatest Story Ever Told”-A magnificent film, handled with artistic appreciation. This glorious epic is an inspiring re-creation of the life of Jesus of Nazareth, from his humble birth and teachings to his crucifixion and ultimate resurrection.

“The Robe”-The first movie ever filmed in CinemaScope, “The Robe” was nominated for five Academy Awards in 1953, including Best Picture and Best Actor for Richard Burton. Burton stars as Marcellus Gallio, a Roman centurion whose life is forever changed when he wins Christ’s robe in a gambling game.

Richard Burton and Victor Mature star in “The Robe.”

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