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Ask Government George
Ask Government George

Q I am being sued and need help. I do not know my rights or where to start. I know I did noting wrong, and would like to know what the first step is in fighting this lawsuit. Where do I start Government George? -Ted in Encino

A I would start at the Van Nuys Self Help Legal Access Center. Located adjacent to the courthouse, the Van Nuys Self Help Legal Access Center is a comprehensive self-help center that provides assistance to litigants in small claims, evictions, family law, wage claims and employment problems as well as other civil litigation. All staff are bilingual in English and Spanish. Full-time staff members supervise staff volunteers who regularly work at the center.

Q I need to find a lawyer but have no idea where to start. My friends have used lawyers in the past and had bad experiences with them. Where would I begin Government George? I want to do some research first before forking over massive amounts of money to someone I’ve met once. -Bill in Tarzana

A A bad experience with lawyers, come on. Well Bill, I would not hire the first one you meet. They might just turn out to be the one you get to represent you, but do some research. Start with the San Fernando Valley Bar Association. Visit

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