Adopt a Pet Yogi


Adopt a Pet Yogi
Adopt a Pet Yogi

DOB: 12/09/07

BREED: Male, American Bulldog

WEIGHT: 60 lbs.

Only Dog in Home, No Cats, Children (16 and up), High Energy, Experienced Owner, Must Know Breed, Currently in Training Yabba dabba doo! No that’s not me. I’m not a bear (and I never wear hats). I’m an American bulldog, which is a pretty rare breed! We have longer legs and are much more agile than our rolly-polly English cousins.

We were bred as working dogs, but to be honest, the only work I want to do now involves sitting politely while you fix my dinner after our long walk on the beach. Then I’ll rest my gorgeous big head on your lap and gaze lovingly at you until it’s time to play or eat again.

By daryl

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