Adopt a Pet Dana


DATE IN: 1/10/07

Adopt a Pet Dana
Adopt a Pet Dana

FROM: Public Intake

DOB: 2/9/05

BREED: Female, DLH, Gray/

White — Declawed

Let me just get something straight: I am a true socialite. Paris and Nicole have nothing on me! If I’m not too busy putting on my white eyeliner, you’ll find me chatting up the other kitties making sure I know all the latest. While some other socialites dip to certain, shall we say, desperate techniques for attention, I prefer to stay mellow and in the background. The media always wants to know more about the quiet feline with impeccablycleaned fur! I’ll admit, with my kitten-like small head, I’m a natural in front of the camera, but I am by no means all about looks. My purrsonality is wonderful, too! I LOVE attention and cuddles and am seriously the best listener. PLEASE COME TO 7720 GLORIA AVE IN VAN NUYS.

By Johan

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