Adopt a Pet Chloe


Adopt a Pet Chloe
Adopt a Pet Chloe

DOB: 06/11/2008
BREED: Female, Pit Bull/Basset Griffon Vendeen blend
WEIGHT: 31 lbs.
No Dogs So, you ask, how did they come up with my breed type? I have no idea. Maybe the BGV part is because I’m fuzzy, but pit bull? Really? Maybe they should have just said “mixed breed” and been done with it. I’m OK with that.
I’m OK with anything, actually, because I’m a very agreeable girl! And everyone knows that we “mixed breeds” are the sweetest, most loving and intelligent of dogs. Only thing is I don’t like little dogs too well. (Rats, I call them.) So If I get to be your one and only, or if you have a larger dog who I could meet and bond with, I’m your gal! Please come and meet me!

By daryl

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