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International Entrepreneur Helps English Speaking Travelers Navigate The “City Of Lights”

PARIS, FRANCE — Have you ever imagined yourself wandering the avenues of Paris, where you can visit world class museums, dine in amazing restaurants and then find a terrace in the sun on which to sip champagne? Well it is possible. Visit 52 Clichy for an unforgettable experience.

52 Clichy balcony in Summer
“I’m English so you don’t need to worry about speaking French unless you want to but as I have lived in Paris for 20 years, let me show you how to live like a local and experience the real Paris,” said Entrepreneur Rosemary Allan.
“Whether you are a single traveller, couple or a family group of up to 6 people, I would love to share my knowledge with you so that you can feel part of ‘La Ville Lumière’, the City of Light,” said Allan. (For more information, please visit

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