Adopt a Pet Cricket


Adopt a Pet Cricket
Adopt a Pet Cricket

DOB: 01/01/2010

BREED: Male, Chihuahua Dog Friendly

They say I’m a chihuahua blend but other than my size, I don’t look very chihuahuaish. I do hop around a lot, so I guess that’s why they called me Cricket! I’m a sweet little guy who was starving when I was found and I still need to gain some weight. Please don’t reach for me suddenly when you meet me because I was likely abused and am a little hand shy. Other than that, though, I’m super friendly and loving, and I like dogs and cats and I’m little enough to fit in your pocket! But I’d rather have my own place of honor in your bedroom. Or the kitchen, since I’m still really skinny and HUNGRY!

By daryl

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