Adopt a Pet Zsa Zsa


Adopt a Pet Zsa Zsa
Adopt a Pet Zsa Zsa

DOB: 06/30/2006
BREED: Female, Beagle/Chihuahua blend
WEIGHT: 18 lbs.
I’m not sure why they name me Zsa Zsa. I
mean I guess I am very glamorous but I don’t
bark with a Hungarian accent or anything!
I’m kind of an unusual mix of breeds, but
it all came together to make a perfect, midsize
dog. I’m not little and fragile like a
chihuahua and not too big to be comfy in your
lap. And I’m an adult, not a crazy puppy, so
even though I have plenty of energy, I won’t
drive you nuts! So you can see how this all
makes me the perfect solution for any dog
deficient house. That means your house, no
doubt, because otherwise why would you be
reading this? Right? So get down here! I’ll
fix you right up.

By daryl

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